About City


Jhunjhunu district is part of Shekhawati Region. Jhunjhunu was ruled by the Kaimkhani Nawabs till 1730. Rohilla Khan was the last Nawab of Jhunjhunu. The Nawabs ruled over Jhunjhunu for 280 years. Rohilla Khan had imposed great faith in Shardul Singh and he acted as his Diwan. Shardul Singh was a bold and efficient administrator. He occupied Jhunjhunu after the death of Rohilla Khan in 1730 A.D.

It was by dint of his subtle political demeanour that Maharao Shardul Singh occupied Jhunjhunu & ruled over it for 12 years. After his death the estate was divided equally among his five sons. Their descendants continued to rule over it till Indian Independencein 1947. Shardul Singh's religious beliif was instrumental in him having built many temples such as Kalyan Ji Mandir & Gopinath Ji Ka mandir at Jhunjhunu. To commemorate Maharao Shardul Singh, his sons made a monumental dome at Parasrampura ordorned with fresco paintings.

Place of interest


  • Ramakrishna Mission, Khetri Center lies in the Khetri town of the district.
  • Dhosi Hill
  • Rani Sati Temple
  • Netji Dada Temple, in the village of Khudania
  • Shree Jhujhar ji Temple,Dhanuri
  • Bhopal Garh Fort in Khetri